Here's a humble look into the world of working culture in the creative world... It's not perfect, but it's human.

Views are my own and published every week - mid week-ish, with far too many commas and of course some language... just because.

On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

Idle-Free Zone

Most of us are nice. Personally I like that. Why? Because assholes are annoying. They distract, disrupt, disengage and well their just assholes. There is an I between... The neutral people. They get stuff done. They're cordial sure, but they also don't go out of their way to understand you better. To help more than they have too. They're not assholes, but their not very helpful either...

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Work Slower, Faster

Wow, we’re busy. Work is hard and there’s a lot going on. We’re doing our best of course (go us!). Sometimes it’s overwhelming. It’s nice to feel like we’re being productive - you know that feeling when you blast out a few emails. It feels good right? Here’s the thing - most of the time email lacks emotion, tact, context, nuance….

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