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On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

The Process of Iteration


No one gets it right the first time… never mind perfect. The last time I checked we’re still working on forks. Forks - yep, still not perfect. So then why do we set the expectation of “perfect” for our projects?

We’re addicted to “perfect” even when it hurts us.

If the expectation of your project is “perfect” (and I’m pretty sure that perfect doesn’t exist) then all we’re doing is lying to ourselves, then going ahead and failing on purpose. That just sucks.

I abandoned the concept of perfect a while back in favour of “progress”. To me the idea of going for gold and hitting version ten on your first try is not only daunting, but ridiculous. There are so many variables and unknowns that I actually believe it’s impossible.

I could have waited to relaunch my blog. But honestly we’d be looking at some time in 2015. I’d rather launch now, and improve it over time.

I went for version one. Scaled it back, and launched it now. By 2015 I’ll be way further along then if I had waited.

Get to version one first, then think about version two, three and four. What will you add? Takeaway? At some point you’ll get to version ten, and you’ll have done it in a more sane, calculated and gathering feedback along the way.


Progress is far less risky than perfect. It’s more gratifying, faster and it’s less stressful.