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Start More, Finish Less

Innovation is weird. Innovation how-to: Do some stuff that’s counter to the business, in a way that doesn’t interrupt, or conflict with what’s already going on with no budget.

I don’t really know how define it further than that. I do know that it takes a little bit of insanity and a little bit of tenacity. Simple right?

There’s a common phrase that states: “Start Less, Finish More”. I’m pretty sure it speaks to personal efficiency and focus.

Ya, I don’t like it. I’ve flipped it: Start more… and finish less. I know the reverse goes against the common wisdom. But like I said, it takes a little bit of insanity.

Innovation via iteration.

So why the reverse? I believe that when you start more you get to see what ideas get traction. You get to see which of your initiatives gets people excited, energized and motivated.

I’d rather come to the table with “five good ideas”, have two of them work out and develop further - than come to the table with “one great idea” but have it not fly for whatever reason (budget, timing, politics, a bad day).

Smaller ideas have a better chances of fitting into the cracks and therefore working. Small ideas can only go up. They can only get bigger and better. They can snowball. And if it’s the right idea… it happens fast.

Not all of your ideas are good, never mind great. Pursuing all of them is the real insanity. It’s a waste of your time and energy.

Start more. Finish less.

Even if the small idea doesn’t fly? Well, it was small so who cares? The personal disappointment isn’t as intense (if at all). Besides, you’ve got four more ideas ready to go right?