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Red Tape and the 3 Ring Binder

I hate checklists. Period. They make me feel claustrophobic. I find whenever I get into a heated debate, at it’s heart it’s typically because of the enforcing of some old-timey rule that has become completely irrelevant.

There’s a couple of ways organizations enforce alignment in organizations:

Rules, checklists, and endless shelves of giant three-ring binders full of policies.

This way is right. If you’ve hired a whole lot of people that can’t make decisions. Of course though, what comes with that is a huge amount of policy guardians that fight for the status quo.

Decisions being made in this environment tend to be less about the goals, and more about the rules themselves…. weird.

The result for this kind of organization is obviously a really really slow and large (whether the organization is large OR small) moving object that can’t pivot or make critical decisions.

I think it’s probably a trust thing. Which is weird. Since these are your people. If it is a trust thing, then there’s some bigger issues here.

Another way is by instilling belief and of course making the end-game visible.

When you hire great people, envision them, and don’t bog them down with an epic dusty tome full of policies, processes and rules - you get people making the right (brand-based) decisions.

Ya, they’re not always going to be right. But, at least they’ve made decisions that moves the organization forward rather than a selfish decision that involves some ass-covering.

Not to mention the fact that the world moves too fast these days to get all wrapped up in red tape. Unless that’s your thing.

When we help people understand “why” we’re doing something, we give them the tools to make the right decisions. Give people a checklist and they’ll do exactly what they’re told. Give people a goal and they’ll help you.