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Robots vs. Humans

Unless you’re a neurosurgeon or a zip line operator, it’s kinda’ weird when we’ve made a reasonable mistake and someone gets really really angry. As if we were all robots, executing within a nano-decimal of error.

While one day (we’re constantly told) we’ll all be replaced by robots, today’s not that day. So, the expectation of “perfect” is not only unreasonable - but kinda’ dumb…


Robots are systemic, reliable, accurate, dependable, consistent and just do what their told (exactly what their told… and no more). Their easy, low maintenance and obedient.


Yeap. Humans will make mistakes, get tired, let emotions bubble up to the surface, and make mistakes.

What kind of people would you rather be?

We’ve got flaws for sure. But despite the shortcomings humans will engage with passion, think critically, motivate, inspire, call bullshit, have fun and tell stories about what their crazy cat did on the weekend.

You can always hire a robot for the benefit of consistency and reliability - but that’s all you’ll get. No more, no less.

When you hire a real human, you can always teach and teach them consistency… and you get so much more in return.

The catch? You have to embrace the messy emotions and mistakes that humans will make. Meh, it’s more fun that way anyways.