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Hire For The Culture

Resume’s are a terrible tool for what we use them for. Great. So we’ve got a boring linear view of where you’ve been. They’ll tell you dates, times and places but give absolutely no information on who you are - or more importantly what you will do....

The focus of hiring is all backwards. Most of us find the most achieved person and allow them in without thought to the dynamic of the team, culture or fit.

Everyone has seen the new hire that was brought onboard because their resume was bright, shiny and full of sparkly-goodness. Their apparently at the top of their game. But, they’re a bad culture fit. Quickly they become oil in the water. You watch as the people around them struggle. It’s a pain in the ass, and it pisses people off.

Are you in it for the individuals? Or are we all in this together?

What if instead of hiring someone for what they’ve done, we hire them to compliment the culture you’ve already built?

When that happens you’re not just adding a single rockstar to the team as a way to, but you’re enhancing the entire teams ability to perform, be happy and reinforcing what’s already working.

When you don’t people get confused, frustrated and become unsure of the bigger picture. Questions spring up like: “Were we doing it wrong?”, “Do we no longer covet the way we’ve worked in the past?”. Yea, it sucks.

When adding someone to your team you owe it to them to ensure that person is a great fit. You can always teach a new hire the things they need to know. What you can’t teach is chemistry.

Hire for attitude and you’ll enhance your already great team. Hire a rockstar and you’ll get all the attitude that comes with it.