Here's a humble look into the world of working culture in the creative world... It's not perfect, but it's human.

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On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

A Personal Experience

You could be amazing. The best in class. The top of your game. But, if you’re finding that there’s always a tension, an intangible resistance you can’t quite put your finger on, it could be that you’re leaving people with a bad experience...

People remember “how” you are to work “with” - not what you’ve done.

How you interact with those around you and how you make them feel will define (over time) the experience you provide them.

People want to feel good when they go home at the end of the day. People want to feel like they are a part of something, that we’re all on the same page, moving towards the same goals.

No one wants to work with a jerk, bully or a robot.

It’s annoying for sure, but it also stops us from building better things. With people like that we tend to disengage and put up walls. Not the best way to get things done.

What if you started consciously working on the experience you leave people with at every point throughout the day? What’s the worst that could happen?

Check yourself

The single easiest way to do that is to manage the experience you provide to every interaction. Ask yourself… How did that person feel after:

  • That hallway conversation?

  • That email response?

  • The way you deliver the work?

  • Your consistent focus on quality?

  • The way you greeted them in the morning?

Now, that doesn’t mean wrapping a big plastic smile on your face and going through the motions. To provide a good experience it helps if you actually like what you're doing.

Long story short? Be nice dummy.

Providing a good experience helps you be approachable, it invites collaboration and most of all it helps you and the people around you create better work.