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The Culture Void

There’s a common sentiment I often hear about company culture. For the most part it’s misinformation, kinda’ like false Bill Murray sightings. And much like that, it kinda’ sounds true so it’s generally assumed that it is….

Your corporate culture "is, what it is”.

A corporate culture certainly just “is”. But the implication is that you can’t do anything about it. That line of thinking is wrong. There’s no grey area here… it’s just wrong.

Don’t think you have a culture? Oh it’s there. Whether you manage it or not, for better or worse. In a void of direction a culture will exist. It may be fine, it may even be good - but it might be sick or toxic. The point is that it’s there whether you work on it or not.

Maybe you believe that culture is owned by the people you’ve hired, and that they themselves own and operate it - which might be true if you assume that you’re not in control.

Well, good news… culture is just like anything else in business. You have to set goals, define the parameters and figure out what the rules are.

A culture can be created, changed, measured and managed. Culture is something you influence, not ignore. Just because it is something now, doesn’t mean it can’t be better. And certainly doesn’t mean it can’t align with your business and your brand.

A culture will exist whether you work on it or not. Without that, you kinda’ just "get what you get".