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Made You Look!

Feels shitty doesn’t it? Especially when you were a kid. You know, when you actually trusted a friend and they throw out the whole “Made you look!” thing (snotty voice and all). Everyone laughs and you feel like an idiot.

That’s kinda’ how I feel today (all grow’d up) with bad advertising. Whether it’s a false claim, a scare tactic or even just an out-to-left-field visual that has nothing to do with anything.

So ya. You made me look. You win. You’ve tricked us. Don’t worry, our feelings aren’t hurt. We’re annoyed, which I think is worse.

I’d like to think the days of the advertising equivalent of the big inflatable-wavy arms-guy-attention-grabber are over. If your strategy is to annoy people right before you ask them to pay attention, to sign-up or to buy something, then you’re doing it wrong.

So how to do it right?

  • Be Helpful (teach us something)

  • Be Compelling (show us how much you care about something… anything)

  • Be Informative (tell us something we didn’t know)

  • Be useful (improve our lives beyond the thing you sell)

Yes, do it up! Be brave with design and copy - but style without substance is just a trick.