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Make Decisions not Distractions

With some jobs and some people, what you do everyday is pretty set in stone. The parameters are clear, so doing a good job is easy. Then there’s the kind of job where stuff changes everyday...

If a fire springs up - you take care of it, at the expense of what you were already doing. If a cat falls from the ceiling tile - you deal with it, even though you were in the middle of planning.

Work is changing. New tools, new expectations, it’s all weirdness in general.

I think today our work becomes extremely contextual day-to-day and even by the hour. There’s far less clarity on how to go home at the end of the day feeling like you did a good job.

The real work then, is about making the best decisions you can, multiple times per day - all while thinking of the bigger picture.

Get good at that, and work becomes pretty easy again.

The best I've been able to to is to be conscious that in every situation that comes up you've got the ability to choose. And that making the right decision leads to a positive outcome, and a bad decision leads to a distraction.

You can decide to work faster. To be happy. To finish something important. Or, you can decide to coast, be upset or scroll through Twitter for a half hour.

Whatever you decide to do... just know that it's you that's making the decision that ultimately leaves you with a good day, or a bad one.