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Corpse Speak

A friend of mine recently sent me a photo of a product package. The design was good, and the brand was obviously going for something fun. However, the copy on the bag was the most generic, monotonous, robotic and "corporate-voice-nothing” I’ve ever read.

That’s too bad. And, it’s weird. Looking closer at the copy it was obvious that the “voice” was dead on arrival. Death by “corp. speak”.

I don’t get how it happens. How can we take a seemingly cool brand and just kill it like that. Is it fear? Fear that we’re going to offend someone? Fear that we (the brand) might not be taken seriously?

Well it’s that, or it’s just called being lazy.

Our brains assign styles and tone to written copy. As we read we define a voice and a persona that gets associated to the brand. And that association sticks with us. It’s not ok to spend a boatload of money on a design and then sabotage all those efforts with bad brand copy.

There is no reason to hit every hard and soft benefit of the product in five-point text that covers 80% of the package with a Ben Stein invoked coma.

Conversational tone isn’t a style. It’s the way we talk to each other every day.

We’re done with the corporate legal speak. We don’t read it, and we don’t trust it. It makes us roll our eyes in disdain and worse… it tells us something about your brand.

Still feel uncomfortable? Get over it. A conversational tone isn’t…

  • Slang for the millennials

  • Too crass for customers

  • Unprofessional when used in B2B

Yes, you can go too far with a conversational tone. But I wouldn’t call that “conversational” anymore. I’d call that shitty writing.

I think we can do better. We can write the way we’d speak. We can tell a story or even better, make real connections because we’ve related to real people.