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Our Process vs. Your Pitch

When you “pitch” creative work what you’re really doing is a making a hard-sell. Which is one of the reasons pitching is always so nerve-wracking. No matter how good your solution is there’s still going to be some element of surprise for the client.

A cone of utter silence.

A pitch happens when you talk to the client, go away for 2 weeks then come back and show your final result. Of course hoping that they really really like it. It becomes a gamble. Did you hear the client right? Did you make the right assumption(s)?

I’m not sure how that could be the case.

More and more people want to know where the stuff they buy comes from and how it’s made. And I don’t think that excludes creative work.

What if the next time you get to review a deliverable with a client, you made them a part of the story rather than just slapping down the final creative on the table and saying “So here it is! This works because…”.

What if the next time you presented art work, design, copy, or a project you brought the client into the process.

Show them how you started, your method of thinking, how you came to dead-ends and had to re-think - and then of course, how you came to your final recommendation… with them.

It’s really hard to make something from nothing. Don’t do it alone… bring the client with you. When that does happen the work stops being your individual masterpiece that may or may not work - and instead becomes a collaborative success.