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Stop Wasting All the Digital

Maybe I’m biased. I dunno’, but I love digital creative. What’s not to love? It’s dynamic, exciting fluid and has the ability to connect to an audience in ways we’re still trying to get our heads around. It’s really amazing. Which, is why I get disappointed regularly.

With digital media, we get the chance to use real-time data to create an experience for people that we’ve never had a chance to before. But we’re not.

We are used to traditional media. We’re used to producing content in a very nonlinear and unconnected way. Whatever we publish is essentially “finished” when the project is done.

I think that far too often we treat digital media way too much like traditional media. We set it up, then watch it go out to sea. We wave goodbye, pat ourselves on the back and get on to the next effort.

With digital - the project isn’t done until you’ve got it right.

We have the ability to track what people are or aren’t doing on the fly… based on that we can make the experience better by adjusting, by tweaking or removing road-blocks.

Of course we talk a good game. We define how we’ll measure this effort. We’ll report weekly, monthly or (guh) quarterly. But that data never gets actually used.

Let’s make sure we’re not wasting this opportunity. I hope we’re all here to create relevant tools that people will actually use, but if you’re treating it like a one-off then I think you're doing it wrong.