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All That Tech Stuff

I work on mostly Apple gear. I like Apple. But that’s where I’m gonna’ stop. I’m not a crazy-at-all-cost evangelist… that said I wouldn’t want to switch either. I’m also not totally exclusive. I love Google tools. Google Drive is amazing. I prefer Twitter to Facebook. I can’t live without Dropbox. I have a love / hate thing going for Adobe…. yadda yadda yadda. Why should you care? Ya, well you shouldn’t.

I thought it would go away after a while. “It” being the tech talk discourse. I’ve never seen a more boring debate. Ever. I don’t care if Android etched out .000032% market share over the iPhone this quarter.

I don’t care about the vacant discussion energized by that gain that follows.

I don’t care that this is the fourth (fifth?) year as the “year of mobile”. And most of all I don’t care about the “Top Five Reasons Microsoft is Winning the Tech War”. Just stop it.

All of this. All of it is a distraction. It’s topical, flighty bullshit that no one needs to know.

This kind of conversation is the stuff that prevents us from having to think any deeper that the last snippet or stat thrown up on Twitter.

Stop corporate bias. They provide the tools, and that’s it.

What need to care about the audience - not the horse race between the companies that provide the tools.

We need to provide a great experience that enhances the brand in a place that is convenient for that brand’s audience. We need to understand what media mix works. We find out where they hang out, and meet them there.

If you work in media then yes, you’ve got to be great at mixing the right media, and knowing where the audience hangs out. But these are big questions that won’t get satisfaction from another new tech article that feeds on the drama of tech corporation interplay.

What we can do with new platforms and networks is amazing. The white-collar gossip and false debate around the companies who make them? Boring.