Here's a humble look into the world of working culture in the creative world... It's not perfect, but it's human.

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On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

Passion Play

Passion for what you do is the only thing that matters. Yes, skill is important. Experience is important. Other things play a part for sure, but it’s the actual passion that drives.

Take a look back at a project that didn’t go right and chances are that the people involved weren’t jacked. Without passion all we tend to do, is all we have to. With passion you get:

  • Caring. When you love what you do - you’ll go above and beyond. When work is just work, it means a standard grey 9 - 5 punch-in punch-out bare minimum, do enough not to get in trouble kinda’ day.
  • Heart. People do better work when they’re invested. Period. Better work, better product, better ideas, and more... yes more effort. Heart is not just a feel’y-good’y thing... heart = profit.
  • Enthusiasm. Happy is just happy. When people are happy politics fall away, the small problems fall away and people work together. Passion builds alignment as a side effect.
  • It’s contagious. Sure within the team or group. But also to the client. (hint - get your most passionate people in front of the client).
  • Problem solving. The more you care, the more diligent you are at making sure your solution is right, not just adequate.

I want to work with people that care. People that get upset when “it” isn’t awesome. Passion is infectious, it’s how we get great work and it’s just more fun.