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How To Tell If Your Culture Sucks: Part I

Company culture is a hard thing to nail down. It’s made up of that stuff that isn’t easy to define or put your finger on. So how do you tell if the company culture sucks? Here's a few things to look for....

There's no walking

If your think your job is to deflect requests, motivate people or project manage via email all day then you're doing it wrong. A culture that promotes face-to-face communication and interaction is going to be far more engaging and effective. We’re either in this together, or we’re just not.

Constant communication breakdowns

In a healthy culture we’ve got the right tools in place to solve problems… even when we disagree. In a great culture the framework was laid, the jerks were held accountable and people are empowered to do the right thing for the team, and the project. When it’s not? The same communication issues happen over and over again disguised in different clothes.

The Individual over the team

Guh, I hate this one. “You” didn’t do it. “We” did it. This can manifest itself in a billion ways, and we’ve all heard it at some point. “That’s not my job!”, or even “Well, that’s just the way it is”. These are the kinds of statements you’ll hear from people that care first about themselves… and don’t leave room for much else. How many can you pick out? Are they emboldened? Even supported?

There’s a few anyway. They’re not in any kind of order, and of course there’s more. I think I’ll keep this going as a series.