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How To Tell If Your Culture Sucks: Part II

Here we go again! As I’m writing this second part it occurs to me that I could probably go on like this forever, so ya I might. That said, here’s a few more signs that there’s some need to get a hold of your culture...

Success begins and ends with your job description

When you see people get into “defensive-mode” of what they're supposed to be doing every day then chances are there’s a trust issue here. Trust is a delicate thing. A culture that isn’t holding people accountable is one cause of this. Or, it’s communication. How can someone help you if they don’t get the bigger picture?

We need a policy for that

Rules. Too many rules, policies, red tape… it’s all designed to keep the bad employees in check. The result? The great employees are taxed, tied and bound. Core values should be the guiding principles employees use to make decisions. Organizations should be teaching the brand’s values clearly and often. Values don’t change… rules can. Work to your best, not your worst.

Jerks are celebrated

Jerks may have a big win once in a while. But here’s the thing; They leave a trail of mayhem in their path. Relationships are compromised, trust is lost and people stop caring. When we celebrate it, we endorse it. And when we endorse it we say - do it like they do! Would you rather keep the loud self-endorsing jerk? Or keep the team of “a” players?