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For Those Who Get It Right

Everyone has at least three brand-based horror stories they can call on at a moments notice. I’ve got a few… at least. We rant, we complain and raise general hell through Facebook and Twitter as a reflex. And they deserve it. But what I’d rather see...

Is more of us celebrating the good, and great brands. The companies that go above and beyond.

I already know who to stay away from. What I’d really like to know is who to, go to. What company is going to make sure that they are:

  • Enhancing my day
  • Easy to interact with
  • Saving me time
  • Making me smile (or God forbid laugh)
  • Anticipating needs

I’m addicted to a good experience. Whether it’s amazing customer service, a human interaction, that feeling of ease-of-use or knowing that they’re relentlessly improving the product or service.

It takes a lot of time, money and energy to not be a big grey blobulous-corporate-nothing that doesn’t care. Companies that get it right are focused on getting it right, at the human level. Endorsing those brands is the least we can do.

It’s far more likely that we see the negative side of an experience. Let’s see more of the good by endorsing brands that get it right.