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Reclaim Your Right To Kick Ass

We all get into situations where we feel stuck. There’s a ton of things that can contribute to that feeling: a lack of progress, difficult people, unforeseen obstacles or just a bad day. Then, times goes by and it gets better. We look back and wonder how we ever got so wrapped up in something so trivial. Chances are, it because you gave up…

It’s easy to default to an emotional quagmire (we all do it). And when we do we lose our ability to be awesome. It’s harder to actually see the problem for what it is and to do something about it.

Challenges, obstacles, setbacks - whatever you call them are going to happen. Period. Expect it and account for it.

There’s no use in getting all upset about something that’s out of your control. As a new obstacle comes in, it’s our response that matters - not the obstacle.

What matters is how you manage the speed bumps. Not just logistically, but emotionally. Sure, give yourself a good five seconds (yea, five is all you get) to sigh, furrow your brow (or whatever you do), then human up.

Reclaim your right to kick ass by shrugging your shoulders, smiling and digging in. Figure out the who-what-where-when and why of the issue and solve it.

Hey shit happens. But if one, two, three (or fourteen) speed bumps are going to kill your enthusiasm, then perhaps you didn’t have enough energy to handle the project in the first place.

Bonus? Cool little app to help you along the way: