Here's a humble look into the world of working culture in the creative world... It's not perfect, but it's human.

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On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

Building A Better Team

Work on a team? Yea, we all do. We have to assemble a ragtag group of misfits together to create the solution. By ragtag I mean a few super smart humans with varying degrees of deep knowledge and ability. Otherwise known as a team...

The right team can push a difficult project into greatness, and have fun doing it. The wrong team might get it done but the end result is going to be mediocre at best.

Being a part of a bad team sucks. I don’t have all the answers on how to make a team better. But I do know this:


Hold each other accountable and do it right now. Not after, not later…. now. And do it nicely. There’s no need to be a jerk. Hold the behaviour accountable - not the person themselves. Yea, confrontation sucks…. if you think you’ve got to yell at someone. Otherwise you’re just asking a question.


No one needs, or deserves to disrespected. It stops the work in it’s tracks. Sometimes I think people do it because they are too busy and trying to save time by not using tact, nuance, manners or empathy. Here’s the thing. Once you have offended someone, they simply stop working with you in an efficient way. Trust is lost. And trust is efficiency.


If you can’t find a single reason why to get excited about the project… then you need to not be on the project. Passion moves things forward when you're stuck. It turns good into great and it's contagious.

Here’s the short version: Care about what you’re doing, call bullshit… and do it nicely. Easy enough right?