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The Non-Debate of Form vs. Function

We’ve all heard the debate between form and function. Both have merit, and both will generate a level of passion in people that would make you think it was a huge geopolitical crisis. I’ve been on both sides at different times depending on what the situation was for years. Until recently…

Let’s take “function”

We’ve been tricked too many times by the slick product that looked like it deserved our attention. Only to have to deal with a buggy, broken and mutilated piece of shit that didn’t do what it claimed. It sucks. And there should be a special kind of punishment for those types of products. If the “thing” doesn’t work, then what’s the point?

Then we’ve got “form”.

So the product works. Great! It’s “able” to do everything that it claims. Except that it doesn’t. If the design is so bad that you can’t figure out how to access the functions you need - then what? I’d argue it’s broken.

Lately I’ve taken the stance that (here it comes…) that there is no debate. Any arguments for either / or, are a waste of time and energy.

Thinking back on what my own mindset was when developing digital media, I found I always did both. I mentally went back-and-forth as needed depending on the state of the project. Does it work? Is it easy-to-use? Does it still work? Can it be easier to use? So on, and so forth.

I don’t think you can side with form or function alone. I actually think there is no debate at all. Rather, a requirement (especially these days) that both work in perfect harmony.