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On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

Time to Level Up

I think it's time to level up. Just because. It's time. Once a year by my own standard. What is levelling up? Aside from my own nerdy video game reference - It's when you make a significant personal or professional breakthrough. That you initiated.... on purpose.

Sounds like work right? Why do it? Things are fine, we're all just coasting along happy and unaware and then whack! Someone just goes ahead and decides your future for you. It could have been your boss, the market, a competitor - whatever. Doesn't matter. If you're not self-improving, then you're... well - not.

Yea it's hard work. But, every time I've done it there's been a benefit of some kind. That "work" doesn't come in the form of elbow-grease (what a gross phrase by the way). It comes from:

A willingness to become more aware of yourself or situation.

This one is tough. If you literally are not aware of something your are or not doing... then how can you improve? The best thing I can tell ya is that it helps if you simply decide to be someone who constantly wants self-improve. This at the very least opens you up to the idea of being aware. From there you begin to truly hear feedback without your internal filter - which is great because now you can do something about it.

Learning something new beyond "what you do".

Cool, so you've just discovered (by being aware) that you may have a gap in your knowledge, experience, skill set or behaviour. Great, now what? This one is easy... grab some books, go to a  few seminars, talk to people that can coach or mentor you, whatever. It's your choice - the only catch is that you've got to go deep. A topical article on your subject of choice isn't good enough. If you want to level up - then you've got to understand.

Doing something with your new awareness and knowledge.

You know what you need to improve, you've learned a shit-tonne about it! You're done right? Nope. I can't say this clearly enough. None of it matters if your don't execute. You have to live it. That might mean developing a new process, educating those around you with a presentation, maybe it's starting a blog, developing a new product, service - whatever... it doesn't matter as long as you make something.

Yea it's dumb. It's a dumb video game metaphor (with a little bit of self-gamification thrown in). But, it makes sense. Figure out what you need, gain that skill and then have at er'. Be relevant, and have fun doing it.