Here's a humble look into the world of working culture in the creative world... It's not perfect, but it's human.

Views are my own and published every week - mid week-ish, with far too many commas and of course some language... just because.

On another note... I'm taking a few weeks off here as June is the mother of all that is busy. I'll be back, up and running in no time.

All The Small Things

Isn’t it the worst? You’ve downloaded that app (finally)! You’ve been waiting for this service to come online for like, ever. You open it up and... it just sucks. Guh. If all your app does is give me an ATM finder? You’ve failed. It looks bad, it feels bad and it’s pretty much useless. But that goes for anything...

Shape up or ship out

I get it. Ship, ship, ship! I believe in “ship early, ship often” for sure. But, when what you’ve shipped just isn’t up to par - pull it back and finish version one. And that doesn’t just mean terrible-way-behind-the-curve-useless-banking-apps. Everything you create, publish and send should have your personal seal of approval on it.

It helps to ask yourself:

  • Would I appreciate this?

  • Would I use this?

  • Is it well written enough?

  • Will this make someone feel good?

  • Would I feel good if I read this?

  • Is it solid, secure, appreciative, nice, cool, professional… etc.

“Good enough” sucks.

I find it takes almost nothing to put your work over-the-top. It’s minutes on the hour. The icing on the cake takes your work to a whole new level. There should be a constant voice in your head that asks how you improve your work beyond what’s simply required.

Going beyond what was expected is what allows people to talk about your work. To endorse it, to engage you next time. It creates better connections… IE: Trust.

Under-think, over-excuse

Doing the small things right not only gets you off the hook for the infamous “under-promise and over-deliver” trap - you leave a better legacy.